Hyperspectral Apple Sorting

Hyperspectral Apple Sorting

Apple Sorting by Chemical Color Imaging


The images above show different apples. At the top left you can see a healthy apple with an attached leaf (pink).

The top right apple is an old one which is already wrinkled and can be identified by the higher yellow percentage which seems to be caused by lower moisture content.

Further the lower left apple is a healthy one with a fresh bruise (blue) that cannot be seen by the human eye. The lower right apple has a moldy part (purple) which can be clearly differentiated from a leaf (pink) that sticks nearby on the apple skin - This is very important for sorting processes.

Anyhow, by using a Perception System all of the above mentioned defects can easily be classified by image processing systems.

The data above have been recorded in the wavelength range between 1- 1.7 µm with a camera from the German company inno-spec GmbH.


Chemical Colour Imaging

Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) represents a new processing technology, which combines essential advantages of the basic technologies of chemical imaging (hyperspectral imaging) and colour imaging (Colour image processing) and makes chemical material properties accessible to a completely new range of users through new approaches to data processing.