Sorting Potatoes, Soil, Stones

Hyperspectral Sorting of Potatoes

Hyperspectral sorting of potatoes, stones, clod of soil

Using a hyperspectral camera and applying Chemical Color Imaging by a Perception System, shows the possibility of differentiation between potatoes, stones and clods of soil based on its chemical information. To detect clods of soil and stones between potatoes is often requested for harvesting and loading processes but also for intake control at factories. Such a measurment setup can be implemented into a sorting machine but also directly on a harvester.


Chemical Colour Imaging

Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) represents a new processing technology, which combines essential advantages of the basic technologies of chemical imaging (hyperspectral imaging) and colour imaging (colour image processing) and makes chemical material properties accessible to a completely new range of users through new approaches to data processing.

This measurement was made with VNIR hyperspectral camera system.