RELEASE: Perception STUDIO 1.8

Extended Functionality and Connectivity





Now, shortly before the VISION 2016 exhibition, we are proud to present the newest release of the Perception Studio. Also this time we added a lot of new functionality, extended  connectivity and improved the usability.





Direct data acquisition from cameras

Now the Perception STUDIO enables the direct data acquisition from any camera without being connected to our real-time engine Perception System. Thanks to a calibration package, the camera and working procedures are standardized. This allows the acquisition of best corrected and best prepared hyperspectral data. This new mode targets users that need a software enabling them to work with hyperspectral cameras and to apply Chemical Colour Imaging. Furthermore, camera suppliers now can provide their cameras together with a professional software suit enabling hyperspectral data acquisition, exploration and modelling. The Perception Studio is already used by 6 camera suppliers supporting 8 hyperspectral camera systems.

Case Discrimination - a new classification method

The Case Discrimination is our first classification modelling method and allows the discrimination of objects upon their spectral finger print in Perception Studio's Model perspective. The Case Discrimination leads to a classification ID (a label) per object pixel.

Camera Characteristics Editor for camera suppliers

Additionally a new editor for camera manufacturers allows to acquire camera characteristics to generate a calibration package and to setup a CCI-compliant camera.



Get your free demo version

The new release 1.8 is now also available as demo download from the Perception Wiki.  Please follow the download link.



Perception Wiki - Hyperpsectralknowledge data baseDetailed release notes:

Click this icon to read detailed release notes in the Perception Wiki.



Extended Connectivity

Direct acquisition from cameras - offline applications enabled
By this new extension of the Perception Studio program, the evaluation of any hyperspectral camera gets as easy as possible. Direct acquisition allows the work with cameras off the production line. Furthermore, this extension simplifies presentation work on trade fairs and enables the usage of any hyperspectral camera in your laboratory. The camera get connected directly to your PC with the Perception Studio program installed on it. Thanks to a calibration package, the camera as well as working procedures are standardized. Setup the camera as well as your measurement and acquire best corrected and best prepared hyperspectral data. In case real-time streaming of molecular object information is needed, please see the Perceptions System data processing engine.

Extended camera support: HySpex, Allied Vision, Specim, Inno-Spec and Ximea
Benefit from Specim’s brand new FX camera technology in the industrial environment. Highest demands are fulfilled by NEOs HySpex hyperspectral cameras. The first MWIR hyperspectral camera we support is provided by Inno-Spec. Outstanding resolution capabilities are provided by Allied Vision's GoldEye cameras. Due to additional spectral binning, a CCI-compliant GoldEye camera now wins also under demanding industrial conditions. Further the first snapshot imager manufactured by XIMEA and based on the technology of IMEC is supported.

Extended Functionality

Additional normalization option
Beside the standard normalization known from previous releases, now an advanced normalization method is available in addition. This allows more freedom to users when challenging application work has to be done.

Case Discrimination modelling
The Case Discrimination is our first classification modelling method. Design the discrimination of objects upon their spectral finger print in Perception Studio's Model perspective. Different to our CCI methods already available, the Case Discrimination modelling method leads to a classification ID (a label) per object pixel. Simple configure your CCI-compliant camera with a case discrimination model and establish industrial real-time applications like sorting of goods, quality tests of LEDs, etc...

Camera Characteristics editor
A new editor enables manufacturers of CCI-compliant cameras to acquire camera characteristics. By this data a calibration package can get generated and shared with users in form of a SetupPackage installer (see below).

Extended Usability

Simplified installation process of cameras
By installation of a Setup Package now any hyperspectral camera fully get compatible to Perception Park data processing solutions. Beside the definition of parameters and parameter visibility, additionally calibration information allow the correction of camera disorders and leads to standardization. By this concept, any hyperspectral camera get CCI-compliant through installing its appropriate Setup Package onto the target hardware (Perception System or your PC with Perception Studio on it). Modify camera parameters within the Setup perspective, and in case load factory settings to get back to pre-defined settings.

Extended Information Service

Add your example data and tutorial and share it with the community
The Perception Wiki now is extendable by users on their own. Add your example data and/or a tutorial and convince the community by your work.