NEW RELEASE: Perception Studio 1.7

Perception Studio 1.7

Perception Studio - Intuitive hyperspectral modelling


We are pleased to introduce the newest release of the Perception Studio. Beside various optimisation, a lot of new functionality for hyperspectral data acquisition from various cameras as well as for the work with hyperspectral data and streaming of hyperspectral features are implemented.


The new Perception Studio makes your work with Chemical Colour Imaging more convenient and provides you with many new possibilities in the work with hyperspectral data. Further all manuals as well as example data and tutorials are now available in the Perception Wiki. Of course there is also a demo version available to test the new functionalities. You can find this information in our Perception Wiki


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Get your free demo version


The new release 1.7 is now also available as demo download from the Perception Wiki.  Please follow the download link.




Perception Studio - What's new?

For extended release notes please GO TO PERCEPTION WIKI

Extended Connectivity

  • GigE Vision support for input and output
  • CameraLink support for input and output
  • Perception Studio prepared for direct access to any camera

Extended Functionality

  • Merging of hyperspectral cube data

Perception Wiki

  • Free basic access to the Perception Wiki
  • Example data available
  • Tutorials accessible

Extended File Format Support

  • Import and Export of Cube data and spectra in MATLAB format
  • Import and Export of Cube data and spectra in ENVI format
  • Import and Export of Cube data and spectra in ASCII format

Extended Processing Power

  • Multiple feature streaming

Extended Operability

  • Configuration of streaming by a client application
  • Parallel streaming of statistical features

Improved Usability

  • Clean-up of Acquire perspective