Perception System "Advanced"

Industrial High Speed Hyperspectral Imaging

The Perception System is a generic, configurable data processing solution enabling industrial hyperspectral imaging for high speed tasks like in sorting applications.


Perception System, Hyperspectral Imaging, industrial solution, high speed, sorting, Chemical Color Imaging, CCI, food processing, recycling, mining, pharmaceutical


  • Configurable industrial system consisting of hardware and software components to analyse chemical material properties.
  • Chemical Color Imaging (CCI) compliant
  • Visualisation of different molecular structures to identify
    • differences in similar looking materials
    • identical material properties of different looking objects
    • transformation processes of identical objects
  • Real-time evaluation of chemical material properties
  • Analysis based on more than 100 different wave lengths
  • Graphical user interface for intuitive analysis of hyperspectral image data
  • Standard machine vision interfaces: GigE Vision, CameraLink



You want a rapid and hassle-free implementation of a hyperspectral system.

The Perception System provides you with a comprehensive range of components and methods needed to perform hyperspectral imaging tasks independently without consulting experts of chemometrics, spectroscopy or hyperspectral data processing. Our core focus is to provide tools featuring an intuitive and individually configurable graphical user interface.

Your benefits:

  • The Perception System transforms sensor raw signals into corrected, standardised hyperspectral cube data allowing the intermediate operation of your hyperspectral system.
  • Due our solutions can be intuitively configured for endless applications, the Perception System saves you time and money for the development expertise.
  • No need for consulting experts allows to develop you own know-how and to protect it.
  • One data processing for various hyperspectral cameras.


You want a system that meets industrial standards

Thanks to our many years of experience as a partner of renowned companies in the industrial field we completely understand our customers´ requirements. Our Perception System use proven standard interfaces such as GigE Vision and CameraLink.

Your benefits:

  • You are supplied with a system that meets the requirements of modern industrial manufacturing.
  • Thanks to standardised communication protocols your system quickly and simply integrates into an existing application.
  • Our configurable platform saves costs for designing a complex processing architecture which has so far been required for hyperspectral imaging.



  • Food industry
  • Medical industry
  • Life sciences
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Recycling
  • Document inspection
  • Wood industry
  • Mining



Reasons for the Perception System