Perception Park and LinX signed hyperspectral partnership

CCI now available in Japan and South East Asia

Perception Park and LinX Corporation have signed a partner agreement for offering the unique hyperspectral data processing tools of Perception Park in Japan as well as in the South East Asian countries Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. With the Perception STUDIO, the world’s first Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) tool, hyperspectral cameras becomes useable in the same way as state-of-the-art vision cameras. By means of the CCI technology hyperspectral cameras now get widely spread into the huge industrial machine vision market.

”Together with our partner LinX we are happy to serve the high-tech market of Japan and to have a strong representation in 5 of the 6 ASEAN tiger countries”, Markus Burgstaller, CEO of Perception Park says.

Left: Markus Burgstaller, CEO of Perception Park; Right: Kei Murakami, President and CEO of LinX Corporation

The Perception STUDIO is an easy-to-use software suite for the industrial use of hyperspectral cameras and for the application of Chemical Colour Imaging. The Perception STUDIO is the first tool that enable the machine vision community to apply hyperspectral cameras without the need for experts of spectroscopy and chemometrics.

In a visually guided workflow the Perception STUDIO gives full control of the application development and provides a direct feedback on every action set. By plug & play the Perception STUDIO takes fully care about camera integration, standardization and calibration.

The Perception STUDIO supports industrial interface standards to provide full compatibility. By using our real-time engine an application can be directly compiled for high-speed applications like sorting.

„The unique Chemical Colour Imaging tools of Perception Park perfectly fits our professional machine vision product portfolio“, Mr. Kei Murakami, President of LinX Corporation says.


LinX Corporation:

LinX is an expert and industry-leader in the distribution of the world’s most advanced machine vision and automation products into the Japanese market.

Over many years, LinX has developed world-class expertise in machine vision, real-time control, PLC / motion, and different software development tools. The entire sales and technical staff possess highly-skilled engineering backgrounds and experience, as well as a deep understanding of the technologies utilised. The depth of expertise uniquely positions LinX to provide unparalleled services to its customers.

One of the core LinX strengths is the focus on the distribution of the very best, world-class products from various partners worldwide. LinX will never position itself as a "supermarket" of any product; instead LinX carefully selects each product, selecting only those that are industry leaders. This approach is how LinX maintains its guaranteed level of excellence. However, just as importantly, once LinX decide to establish a new partnership, LinX is 100% committed to ensuring that partner’s success in Japan. (WEBSITE)


Perception Park:

Perception Park is a company passionate about Hyperspectral Imaging. We focus on hyperspectral data processing solutions for industrial inline applications. We are committed to delivering the highest performance, extendibility and compatibility. This gives our customers freedom, independence and individuality in their development activities and opens up endless possibilities for new applications, while saving development time and money. Our systems are well established in food processing, pharmaceutical, recycling and mining industries