ANUGA Foodtec

ANUGA Foodtec

Perception Park presented Chemical Color Imaging at ANUGA Foodtec


Perception Park presented Chemical Color Imaging at the international trade fair ANUGA FoodTec 2015 in Cologne, Germany.

Perception Park brought a bag of new innovations around the topic of industrial hyperspectral imaging and its applicability in food processing industry. Based on our Perception System we presented solutions for various challenges in today’s food processing industry. Therefore we showed exhibits of four different camera suppliers for in-line, at-line, monitoring and laboratory applications.


For inline applications we showed how a Perception System was used as a Machine Vision Bridge to get molecular material properties accessible for a machine vision system. At our booth we presented an example of industrial nut sorting with the hyperspectral camera RedEye (near infrared) provided by the German company INNO-SPEC.

Further we presented a typical at-line measurement setup with the cased spectral camera PFD provided by the Finnish company SPECIM. At our stand we presented an example phenotyping on leafs.

On our booth prospects could also get their hands on the world’s smallest hyperspectral camera XiSpec provided by the company XIMEA. The XiSpec was shown on an example with a banknote showing the monitoring of security features.

Last but not least we had a new, very innovative and patented camera technology TI-Cam provided by the Germany company SPEKLED. TI-Cam stands for tissue camera and is meant for use in laboratory, microscopes as well as for medical applications.


Our partners at the ANUGA FoodTec 2015



From the German company INNO-SPEC we presented the RedEye 1.7 camera on our booth. The RedEye 1.7 is a hyperspectral line scan camera working in the NIR range from 950 to 1700 nm. The RedEye was tested on a machine running at 1.000 frames per second (fps).


Sorting apricot kernels

Example of sorting apricot seed from kernel shell with a RedEye 1.7 from INNO-SPEC


Read an article running tests with food here. The latest tests in our labs showed that the camera can also be run at a frame rate of more than 2000 fps.



From the Finnish company SPECIM we had their hyperspectral camera PFD V10E on our booth. The PFD V10E is a hyperspectral line scan camera working in a spectral range from 400 to 1000nm. In the last year a plug-in for the SPECIM SDK was implemented to our data processing. By this all SPECIM cameras that are supported by the SPECIM SDK work together with the Perception System.


Wood Sorting

Wood Sorting with a NIR camera from SPECIM


Read an application example about wood recycling here. A more detailed article was published in the NIR News magazine. The article can be downloaded here.



Furthermore a hyperspectral snap shot package consisting of the xiSpec snap shot camera of XIMEA and a Perception System was shown. In November 2014, at the trade fair VISION 2014, XIMEA presented the world's smallest hyperspectral camera xiSpec working together with the Perception System.


Differentiating rotten bruises from brown leafs on apples with a XIMEA xiSpec hyperspectral snap shotcamera


The xiSpec camera together with the Perception System is exciting visitors from numerous fields of application. See a presentation of XIMEA’s CEO Max Larin at the Vision here.




The youngest product that is supported by the Perception System is the TI-Cam from the German company SpekLed. The TI-Cam is a new patented hyperspectral acquisition technology that combines the push-broom technology with a non-moving measurement setup.


Analyzing potatoes and french fries with a TI-Cam from SpekLed


The TI-Cam works in the wavelength region from 500 to 980nm. A presentation covering the strengths of these new technology is provided by the company Spekled.