This was the chii Academy 2019

This was the Academy for Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

The chii Academy 2019 was a full success!

The chii Academy was the first event and platform of its kind in the field of hyperspectral imaging - dedicated to knowledge transfer between engineers, apprentices and applications users. This unique event took place in Graz, Austria form 23 - 24 May 2019 and was focused on technical aspects from an interdisciplinary point of view.

Companies took the opportunity to present their products, services and expertise on the marketplace. 17 international experts in the field of hyperspectral imaging provided advice on technical aspects, product development and business opportunities. Find participating experts here: hyperspectral imaging experts

44 persons from 28 organizations and 11 countries followed the white rabbit and stepped into the fascinating world of Hyperspectral Imaging in Graz/Austria.
Participants were inspired by a broad spectrum on lectures and workshops in Spectroscopy, Chemometrics, Machine Vision, AI & Deep Learning and took the unique opportunity to meet with experts in business talks.

Data on chii Academy 2019:

  • 44 participants
  • 28 organizations
  • 11 countries
  • 4 lectures, 4 workshops
  • 40 business meetings
  • 10 out of 10 participants replied that the event met their expectations
  • 8 out of 10 participants thought that lectures and workshops were excellent or good



  • Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kessler, Professor Emeritus of Reutlingen University, Kessler ProData GmbH: Backscattering Spectroscopic Imaging
  • Prof. Dipl. Phys. Waltraud Kessler, Honorary Professor of Reutlingen University, Kessler ProData GmbH: Data (pre-) treatment for knowledge-based chemometric image analysis
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne, Seniorprofessor HCI, Heidelberg University: Fast Image Preprocessing and Feature Extraction for Multimodal Image
  • DI Georg Waltner, BSc, Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG) Graz University of Technology: AI in the Context of Multispectral Computer Vision: deep learning concepts and advise for practical usage


  • Gerhard Stanzel, Sales Engineer STEMMER IMAGING: Instrumentation & Components
  • Markus Burgstaller, CEO Perception Park: The Chemical Fingerprint
  • Heinz Fleischhacker, CEO Kestrel Eye: Application by Machine Vision & Learning
  • Andreas Vidman, CEO Prediktera AB: Application by Chemometrics


Impressions on lectures, workshops and business talks:

Lecture: Prof. Dipl. Phys. Waltraud Kessler: Data (pre-) treatment for knowledge-based chemometric image analysis.

Workshop: Gerhard Stanzel: Instrumentation & Components

The feedback showed that the concept of chii Academy - knowledge transfer between engineers, apprentices and application users - was highly welcomed.

We would like to thank the SFG, Spectronet as well as all other partners and media partners for their support. For more information visit us on


Coming soon...  the Conference of Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry, chii 2020! We are looking forward to seeing you next spring at the established hyperspectral industry meeting. Meet and connect in talks on hyperspectral business in this cross-sectoral event in Graz/Austria.