Sorting Rice

Impurity detection for sorting rice

Sorting rice with hyperspectral imaging

The Perception of the month March is a Chemical Colour interpretation of rice contaminated with plastics. This possible application was tested with an experimental camera system in the wave length region between 750 and 970nm from the German company inno-spec GmbH.



Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) is a new processing technology, which combines the advantages of the basic technologies chemical imaging (hyperspectral imaging) and colour imaging (Colour image processing). Chemical Colour Imaging makes chemical material properties accessible to a completely new range of users through new approaches to data processing.

By adapting a hyperspectral camera with a real-time processing core, Chemical Colour Imaging turns the camera system to an easy-to-understand and intuitive configurable chemical colour camera. Since the output data is in a standardized machine vision format, all available image processing solutions can be facilitated for tasks like decision generation, counting or monitoring based on chemical information.