Blueberries & Contaminants

Why you should use hyperspectral imaging for sorting blueberries

The juice of the blueberries colors the contaminants. This means that color cameras can no longer distinguish blueberries and contaminants properly. Hyperspectral imaging allows the contactless detection of colored contaminants. With the HSI technology, it is also possible to sort blueberries according to sugar content, water content or stage of maturity. This technology also allows you to identify the Homaemus Proteus (beetle). 

Assessment of contaminants using hyperspectral imaging

The measurement data results tell us that the differentiation of contaminants is possible. There are clear differences between blueberries, stones & dirt (leaves, soil) in the analyzed NIR range (1.1 - 1.7µm). The CONTAMINATION CAM App from Perception Park was used for this experiment. 

Advantages of using the CONTAMINATION CAM App

  • Minimal training effort
  • Reduced development times; up to -95%
  • Direct intuitive feedback
  • Configure instead of programming
  • No external consultants needed
  • Compatible to any machine vision tool (GigEVision)
  • Independent development if need
  • Unlimited extendability

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