10th colloquium process analytics

10th colloquium process analytics

Perception Park at the 10th colloquium: Process analytics for biotechnology

From 25.-26.11.2014 the GDCh (German Chemical Society) together with the DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineers and Biotechnology) organized the 10th colloquium on process analytics. The event was hosted by the company Endress+Hauser in Gerlingen, Germany.

Perception Park was invited to hold a conference preparatory course on chemometrics. The course was hold by our CEO Markus Burgstaller. The topic was "Concepts for multivariate analyses of multidimensional data - Explained by industrial application examples of hyperspectral technologies."


  • Introduction
  • Pre-processing
  • Dimension reduction
  • Chemical Color Imaging
  • Classification
  • Hyperspectral Operating Environment

The presentation of the course can be downloaded from the download section to the right of this blog.


Multivariate data processing of multidimensional data.

About the author:

   Name: Markus Burgstaller

   Age: 37 years



since 2012 Perception Park (CEO, Head of R&D, Owner)

2006-2012 EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH

2004-2006 Freelancer image processing

2002-2004 Joanneum Research (R&D organization)

1998-2002 Master studies in electronics (data processing)

Markus is our CEO and Head of R&D. He is working in the field of industrial hyperspectral imaging for more than eight years. In his working life before Perception Park he was a key researcher for the first industrially suitable hyperspectral imaging system. In 2012 Markus decided to focus on hyperspectral data processing in industry and founded Perception Park. Markus is also the founder of the Chemical Color Imaging technology. Together with the team of Perception Park his latest development is the first hyperspectral operating environment.

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