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Machine Vision 4.0 Chemical Colour Imaging CCI


Come and get your hands on 6 hyperspectral live demos with various CCI-compliant cameras from five suppliers at our booth 1D81.

The software tools of Perception Park cover the whole hyperspectral imaging process from data acquisition, data exploration, modelling and applying models for industrial real-time applications like sorting. You don’t need to care about camera integration nor about compatibility to your existing image processing tools.


Only our unique Perception Studio software suite allow the application of the award winning Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) technology and to transform any hyperspectral camera into a CCI-compliant camera system.


Please contact us now to plan your meeting with Perception Park and to get your exclusive introduction to the unique Chemical Colour Imaging technology.

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What you can expect at our booth 1D81

We are very proud that our partner STEMMER IMAGING will present the world’s first modular Chemical Colour Imaging solution for the industry based on the unique InGaAs cameras of ALLIED VISION. Beside that STEMMER IMAGING will introduce the FX10 hyperspectral camera from SPECIM together with their CVS HyperInspect systems based on Chemical Colour Imaging technology. With the CVS Hyperinspect, STEMMER IMAGING shows the first fully CCI compliant data processing unit that was not manufactured by Perception Park. We are also happy to have with us the Hyspex Cameras of the Norwegian company Norsk Elektro Optikk as well as a solution presented by the Belgian company IMEC and a system of the German manufacturer inno-spec. Together with a machine learning tool of the Austrian company Kestrel-Eye we will show how a CCI solution will work in an industrial setup.

Machine Vision 4.0

Machine vision technology has gone through a constant development process over the past decades. Starting with monochrome cameras, which use differences in contrast for defect detection, imaging technology has advanced to precise colour cameras revealing even the smallest colour deviation. After colour imaging and the subsequent 3D imaging, Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) takes this technological evolution to the next level.

Machine Vision 4.0 - Chemical Colour Imaging

Chemical Colour Imaging Lab

All hyperspectral setups at our booth 1D81will be live demos that allow you to get your hands on, to see the great concept of having one universal tool for multiple hyperspectral cameras and to get an impression how intuitive you can solve your applications by using Chemical Colour Imaging.