Software Engineer C/C++ (m/f)

Software Engineer C/C++ (m/f)

Who are we?

Perception Park is located in Graz, Austria and is a very well known innovator in the field of industrial Hyperspectral Imaging.
We enable our customers to see chemical properties of materials invisible to the human eye. This creates new opportunities in industries like recycling, food processing, quality assurance, health care and many more.

What is your task?

Perception Park has an exciting product development roadmap and you will play a crucial role in delivering new products to market. Tasks will feature different types of software development, including work on our software framework, managing hyperspectral cameras, implementation of new features and creation of user interfaces to provide smooth experiences to our customers. 

What requirements are associated with this job?

Candidates with an Undergraduate degree in a Computer Science or a STEM field are preferred. However, a university degree is not essential if you have hands-on experience and great problem-solving skills.

Needed Skills

  • Strong knowledge of C, C++.
  • Can work responsibly and independently without continuous guidance to create working systems that meet project requirements and timescales.
  • Positive attitude towards documentation, testing and debugging with experience using JIRA (or similar) internal issue tracking platforms.
  • Excellent teamwork skills.
  • Passion for technology and problem solving.
  • Awareness of engineering challenges & ability to work in co-ordination with other software and hardware engineers.
  • Awareness of Agile working principles.
  • Good command of English, both written and spoken.
  • Valid work permit in Austria

Optional Skills

  • Experience using Qt.
  • Experience in parallel computing, e.g. CUDA.
  • Experience in computer vision, e.g. OpenCV.
  • Experience in machine vision, e.g. GenICam.
  • Experience in machine learning, e.g. TensorRT.
  • Experience in machine to machine communication, e.g. OPC ua.
  • Experience with Linux or RTOSs.


What do we offer?

We offer a flexible and modern working environment where engineers are granted the creative freedom and independence they need, with unique opportunities to work on the forefront of technology.

Start of work: immediately or after consultation
Intended salary: EUR 2,500.00 annually 14 x; Overpayment after relevant work experience and qualification.

The team looks forward to your application, which you please send to the following e-mail address: