Poster Presentation @ Fraunhofer IIS

Poster Presentation @ Fraunhofer IIS


Following an invitation by inno-spec GmbH, Perception Park gave a poster presentation at the 17. Collaboration Forum of the Automation Valley Nordbayern with the title "Trends in Machine Vision".

The first section of the poster "If Colors Tell More Than Color" shows the bridging of complex hyperspectral imaging and well introduced machine vision solutions. This technology, called Chemical Color Imaging, illustrates how easily and quickly hyperspectral systems can be integrated into machine vision solutions.

By using Chemical Color Imaging, the second section shows an example of differentiating potatoes, stones and clods of earth.

The third section of the poster shows possibilities to expand hyperspectral cameras by Chemical Color Imaging and Machine Vision.

The first group of this section addresses specialists of spectroscopy and chemometrics with using hyperspectral imaging cameras.

Combining a hyperspectral imaging camera with the Perception System makes chemical information accessible for machine vision by a familiar data format (Color).

Consequently professionals in machine vision are able to provide intelligent cameras or can even offer chemical detectors specialized on a specific application.The fourth section of the poster is dedicated to data processing and shows the plug-in concept of Perception Studio.

Perception Tools are plug-ins provided by Perception Park which can be integrated into Perception Studio. Perception Studio is a framework that everybody can use to integrate plug-ins developed on their own or purchased from third parties.

With a configuration plug-in, Perception Studio is also used to configure Perception Systems for real-time processing of hyperspectral data based on various features and chemometric methods.