Half a million grant for Perception Park

Austria accelerates Perception Park

Perception Park gets 500.000 EUR seed financing

The Republic of Austria accelerates the business development of Perception Park by a seed funding of more than 500.000 Euro. As a high-tech company with outstanding market opportunities Perception Park convinced the jury of interdisciplinary experts athorised by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (bmwfw) and the Austrian Ministry for Transportation, Innovation and Technology (bmvit). The seed funding is operatively executed by the AWS Austria Wirtschafts Service Gesellschaft mbH within the support programme AWS-Seedfinancing.

Business development and new markets

The aim of this AWS-Seedfinancing is the development of sales channels into new international markets as well as into new business segments. Based on the excellent experiences with our existing distribution partners in Europe and Asia we will massively extend our distributors network. Beside this we will continue to present many new revolutionary solutions for the industrial application of hyperspectral imaging.

We are hiring

Perception Park hire hyperspectral and machine vision addicted staff such as experts in sales, hyperspectral imaging and software development. Detailed job descriptions will be available soon on the Perception Park website.

New platforms for Chemical Colour Imaging

A further milestone of the AWS-Seedfinancing is the porting of the Chemical Colour Imaging technology to new platforms like embedded platforms. That will open up numerous new application possibilities in various fields.

Investment chance

Finally, another milestone of the AWS-Seedfinancing is to bring in fresh equity into the company, ideally by a strategic partner. Over the next months, Perception Park will therefore start a structured evaluation of potential partners.