Embedded CCI at GTC Europe

Perception Park at GTC Europe

Perception Park with the Chemical Colour Imaging technology at the NVIDIA GTC Europe 2017

Perception Park is invited to attend and present at the 2017 NVIDIA’s GTC (GPU Technology Conference) Europe. Perception Park’s head of software development, Michael Schöffmann, will give a talk on embedded CCI.

GTC 2017 is the must-attend event of the year in Europe for developers, data scientists and senior decision makers. The 3-day conference will feature 150+ new sessions on AI and deep learning, self-driving cars, big data analytics, virtual reality, and much more. This years GTC Europe takes place in Munich from Oct. 10-12.

Embedded CCI

Perception Park presented for the very first time the Chemical Colour Imaging technology for SoC systems (System on Chip) based on NVIDIA’s Jetson TX1 and TX2 at chii 2017. Due that CCI is now also available for SoC, the field of application of Chemical Colour Imaging is dramatically expanded. Not only industrial machines are now considerably more compact, the booming drones market is also experiencing numerous new opportunities, for example in the agricultural sector or in the forestry sector. Since smart cameras occupy a very important place in industrial image processing, Embedded CCI allows to integrate Chemical Colour Imaging directly into the housing of a hyperspectral camera. In addition to configurable CCI systems, also smart cameras that are tailored to a specific application can now be provided. Similar to a thermal imaging camera, "moisture cameras" or "sugar cameras" are now conceivable.

Shortly after launching embedded CCI, Perception Park was invited to participate in the NVIDIA INCEPTION PROGRAM. Inception nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI (artificial intelligence) and data science. This virtual accelerator program supports companies in their product development, prototyping, and deployment.