chemical sensing in the food industry

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The traditional Oktoberfest in Munich will unfortunately NOT take place this year.


Do you know the "Bavarian Purity Law of 1516"?


It reads as follows:

"Ganz besonders wollen wir, daß forthin allenthalben in unseren Städten und Märkten und auf dem Lande zu keinem Bier mehr Stücke als allein Gersten, Hopfen und Wasser verwendet und gebraucht werden sollen.” 


"In particular, we want that from now on, in our towns and markets and in the countryside, no more ingredients than barley, hops and water should be used for beer."



So the quality of beer has always been important. Chemical sensing is used to monitor the quality (e.g. moisture) of the hops.

Quality assurance in the food sector is one of the many applications for which HSI is perfectly suited.

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