Perceptions for Kids

Perceptions for Kids

The Team of Perception Park wishes a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2015. Instead of sending gifts, we donated to our project "Perceptions for Kids"


The aim of “Perceptions for Kids” is to support kids from our neighborhood that are handicapped in their perceptions.

In autumn 2014 we were thinking about Christmas presents for our customers and partners. This was very hard for us because we belive that people are only delighted with personal gifts instead of cheap wine or sweets. Furthermore many of our customers and partners are not allowed to take any gifts because of compliance reasons. Therefore we decided to found the project “Perception for Kids” and instead of shipping wine around the world we donated our Christmas budget to the project.

As a company that strongly invests in development Perception Park relies on well-educated and creative staff. Studies show that kids from poor families often lose motivation for education at a very early stage especially if they have a little handicap. They often cannot participate in activities with their peers. This is where “Perceptions for Kids” starts to support because Perception Park strongly believes that every child has loads of potential and creativity and therefore deserves a chance for education.

Thinking about a present for Perception Park?

If you are thinking about a Christmas card or present for Perception Park and you are not sure which is the right, then please let it be and support our project "Preceptions for Kids"


How to support Perceptions for Kids?


You are always welcome to support “Perceptions for Kids”. Also if you are thinking about a present for Perception Park - instead to send us a post card it would be great if you would donate to “Perceptions for Kids” – even if it is only one Euro.

You can donate to:

Caritas Steiermark
IBAN:                        AT34 6000 0000 0792 5700
BIC:                           OPSKATWW
Reference:              Perceptions for Kids

Can I trust Perceptions for Kids?


Yes you can. All donations are managed by our partner Caritas Steiermark. Caritas is audited by the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA). Perception Park and Caritas together decides how to distribute donations.